Spring Cup Regatta
Sport + fun

Spring Regatta 2020 – in Croatia


Sailing Instructions

1. Rules:

The race will be governed by ISAF RRS 2013-2016, this regatta instructions and international regulations for avoiding collision on the sea and special regulations for inshore racing.

  • When yachts are maneuvering at a dangerous distance captains should warn each other on the intent (change of tack, overtaking and so on.)
  • Sailing boat that goes port tack gives way to a sailing boat that goes starboard tack
  • If sailing boats go the same tack, then windward boat gives way to the leeward boat
  • If a sailing boat that has no advantage goes to the danger, then it has the right to demand a place from the vessel that has an advantage in order to escape from danger

2. Entries:

All on time entered (and the entry is payed in total) skippers and crew are eligible for the regatta.

3. Notice to Competitors:

The competitiors duty is to inform themself on the skipper's meeting's and on the regatta board. Daily on the race commeety boat (Damor 980) at 9:00 am.

4. Amendment to Sailing Instructions:

All amendments of sailing instructions will be posted on regatta board at least one hour before the start of each race.

5. Signals made ashore:

In case of any signals on the shore, they will be displayed on the RC boat wich will be Motor yacht Damor 980 with blue RC flag on the top.

6. Skippers' Meeting:

Skipper's meetings will be each morning at 9.00. First skipper's meeting is scheduled for Sunday 03. May in in Seget marina. Notice for each skipper's meeting place will be posted on the regatta board. All skippers or their representatives should attend all skipper's meetings. The Skippers are obliged to have the navigation chart of the sailing area on the skipper's meeting. Skipper meeting is just for skipper’s and not for crew members!

7. Schedule of Races:

Races Place Date Start / signal
1. Race-training to Methana Sunday 07.05.2017 14:00
2. Race to Hydra Monday 08.05.2017 14:00
3. Race to Spetses Tuesday 09.05.2017 13:00
4. Race to Poros Wednesday 10.05.2017 15:00
5. Race to Aegina Thursday 11.05.2017 10:00
6. Race to Athens Friday 12.05.2017 10:00

8. Racing Course:

Racing course will be available on each skipper's meeting in printed material. The racing course can be changed prior to the weather or other circumstances.

9. Shortening the race:

In case of the shortening of the race the flag »S« will be displayed on the RC boat with two short horn signals close to the mark, where the race is shortened.

10. Starting numbers:

All sailing boats that are racing will have starting numbers.

11. Scoring system:

The race will be scored by “Low point system”, appendix A, RRS. The event is valid if there will be at least one race sailed. In case of four (4) races are sailed, the worst result is erased.

1st place 1 point
2nd place 2 points
3rd place 3 points
4th place 4 points
Each further place +1 point

Each race is pointed separately. The crew with the lowest number of all counted races is the winner.

12. Time limit:

Time limit for all races will be provided on each skipper’s meeting.

Yachts that did not finish within the specified time limit, get points as if they did not finish (DNF).

13. Penalities:

The boat which breaks the rule can take the penalty and immediately make two turn penalty, which includes one tack and one gybe, for all rules of 2nd part of RRS or 360 degrees for touching the buoy-mark.

14. Protests:

All protests should be written on the special form, which is available by the RC. The protests should be written and proceed 1 (one) hour after the RC boat comes to marina.

15. Radio communication:

The official race channel is VHF 77. This channel should be used strictly for regatta notices.

Disability to receive messages from the Race Committee can not be the reason to correct results.

During the race personal radio communication between yachts is prohibited. Radio communication between yachts that is not associated with racing or safety, can be the case for disqualification (DSQ)

16. Using of the engine:

All engine usage should be reported immediately to the RC. All “not reported” usage of the engine will be penalized by DSQ in that race.

17. Diclaimer:

All those taking part in the event do so at their own risk. The organization authority, its associates and appointees accept no responsibility for any loss, damage, injury or inconvenience incurred, however caused.

18. The Boats:

The racing boats or their parts should not change at all. The only permitted/obligated action is to put the main anchor in its place in the bow.

19. Starting signals:

Time to start Visual signal Sound signal Meaning
5 min Flag "К" 1 long sound signal Warning signal
4 min Flag "I", displayed ↑
1 short sound signal Preparatory signal, the engines should shut down!
1 min Flag "I", down ↓
1 short sound signal Preparatory signal down
0 min Flag "К" 1 long sound signal Starting signal

20. Trophies:

First three (3) sailing crew will get the trophy cup.

Race Comitee:

  • Sebastijan Levstik (president of the RC)
  • Žiga Tratenšek (member)
  • Grigory Elisseev (executive organizer)