Spring Cup Regatta
Sport + fun

Spring Regatta 2020 – in Croatia



  • Yegor Dokuchaev

    We are happy to compete in this regatta – the format is really good. For sure, we will see you next year. Thanks for all of you, well done!

  • Rocco Cappiello

    We were excited and very happy for having taken part to this great sailing event!

    Great organization and great people, many thanks from all of us.

    Please let's know if your videos and photos are already available somewhere, we're working on the Regatta Film and like to include your stuff too.

    Looking forward to meet you again next year.

    Best regards,


  • Philippe J. Davies

    It was nice to be part of Spring Regatta, even though we all speak different languages. You gave us exoticism, and we probably seemed exotic to you too.

    Anyway, in any language, we managed to exchange a few words with most of the crews, and it was fun. Especially Rustam. We spent a few nice evenings, all together, and the mood was definitely good.

    The organization was well done, and nothing was forgot I think. Young Julia was very nice and fair competitor, which we appreciate. Have to beat her next year:)

    Croatian judge was very nice, professional and fair.

    Would I come next year? Definitely! And I will try to make 2 or 3 crews.

    Anyway, on behalf or our Swiss team I would like to thank regatta organizers! You did a great event and I can only encourage you to persevere in this direction.

    Watch out. The Swiss Devils will be back!

    Best Regards.

  • Алла Киринюк
    Alla Kirinyuk (yacht Victoria of Sweden) Grigory Elisseev and Olga Bakalina, for a wonderful holiday and a warm atmosphere. Thanks to all the participants, particularly to the crews of our main rivals: yacht Toya, skipper Vitaly Barkin and yachts Maitreya, skipper Vadim Vakulenko, for the great struggle in the race. And, of course, our friendly and cheerful team: Dmitry Spring, Oleg Vyazmitinov, Andrew Boychuk, Julia Pozdnysheva, Anastasia Spring, Yelena Solovey, Igor Skidan. It’s great to be winners!!!
  • Ilya Griva
    Spring Cup Regatta 2015. So the race is ove. We made a lot of mistakes, became more experienced, and what is more important are overwhelmed with positive emotions! Thanks to the funniest team: Irina Demenchuk, Anton Shamanaev, Anna Blednova, Eleanor Marina Chavez, Olga Bakalina and the coolest captain Julia Skachkova. The week was so intense we had almost not time for photos. So, photos and details will be later.
  • Elionor Marina Chaves

    I've never been lucky in a lottery. I’ve never found wallets full of money nor gain jackpot on a slot machine.

    And I had been a little bit upset because of it, until I realized that my life gives me much more than that: I am lucky to have wonderful people around me.

    Those with whom we suddenly find ourselves on the same wave with whome it is easy to overcome difficulties.

    So this time I was lucky: in addition to all the bright and unforgettable impressions of the Spring Cup Regatta, I met wonderful people.

    Both of them are the real professionals.

    Olga knew how to smooth out rough edges, and made everybody feel comfortable.

    Julia – our skipper is an absolute professional, under her supervision I would not be afraid to across the ocean.

    But beyond that, they both are very cool girls.

  • Yulia Pozdnysheva
    Our team was the first in the International Spring Cup Regatta 2015! It was not easy, but very cool! Thanks to Dmitry Yarovoi and my team!
  • Irina Demenchuk

    Regatta is over – but yes, we did it!

    Torn gennaker and broke furling mainsail, because it constantly was stuck in the mast. Broke some lines and lost a bunch of shackles and blocks, because we lack experience))

    Quite a mess in the beginning.

    During the first race it took us an hour to lower gennaker as it wraped over the forestay. We were team of newcomers (four ladies and two guys), but gained fifth place at the end, overtaking more experienced teams. Our captain Julia Skachkova was a cool tactician and strategist! We laughed a lot and cryed a lot, we danced on parties and fight during the reces.

    We got a bunch of bruises and scratches and sun tan as well :)

    We learned a lot how to work in team, how to act fast and what is more important to think inadvance before doing something! Some of us learned how to steer the others learned how to adjust the sails.

    But overall we learned a lot and spent a great time!