Spring Cup Regatta
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Spring Regatta 2020 – in Croatia


Photo report – Spring Cup Regatta 2015

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We all had wonderful sailing and racing week in Croatia – Adriatic sea. Perfect weather, ideal wind from 10 to 25 knots and moderate waves – as a result 9 races in 5 days.

It was a perfect training week for the newcomers as well, as we noticed how they improved their sailing and racing skills!

Looking forward to see you all on Spring Cup Regatta 2016!

1. 9 races in 5 days!

Excluding 1 day for check-in and 1 day for check out we had 6 racing days. First day was fully dedicated to training so that yang teams and newcomers could learn how to work together and refresh their sailing knowledge. During the next five days we had 9 races on different distances: tactical races (baston) and triangle and navigation races.

2. Excursions and parties after the races.

Regatta took place on a picturesque Croatian coastline with number of spots in different historical places and national parks. As a result we visited wonderful old town Sibenik, travelled to national park Krka with it’s gorgeous waterfalls and had a great time on local winery.

3. Team presentation
4. Great team spirit and breathtaking taste of victory!
Looking forward to see you on Spring Cup Regatta 2016!
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